Trend Report for Luxury Interiors 2011 and 2012

June 13, 2011

Interior Trends for 2011 and beyond: A consumer report and 4 Themes for inspiration

Trend Theme 1 – Sober Luxury

Trend Theme 2 – Mixed Up

 Trend Theme 3 – Homelife

 Trend Theme 4 – Utility Revival

Click to view and download the full report for luxury interiors  from Laurakatri – consultancy for creative business

Trend Theme for Interior Design: Homelife

March 11, 2011


This trend represents a focus on habitat, leading to design that encourages the user to create their own interior design; the homemaker becomes their own architect.

Products are simple solutions to modern living.

Part of a larger consumer report for creative retail, design and product development industries, this theme is an excerpt from ‘Interior Trends for 2011 and beyond.  A consumer report and 4 Themes for inspiration’ published by Laura Katriina Pollard consultancy for creative business.

A theme concept board by Laura Katriina Pollard

COLOUR: reflect those found in nature: Terracotta, burnished orange, Yellow ochre.

TEXTURE: Natural linens imperfect organic patterns. Wools and furs, unfinished timber. Ceramics are basic, robustly made home accessories that show irregularity and imperfection.

Pallet Chair by Nina Tolstrup

PLACE: interventions of home life and art ‘555 Kubic’ by – ‘How would it be if your house was dreaming?’


Image Credits:

Theme 3: Homelife

Colours: RAL reference system, Predictions from Reconnect, Heimtextil.

Texture: ‘Wilderness’ at ‘Reconnect’ Heimtextil 2011, Frankfurt. Laura Pollard.

Texture: ‘Sobriety’ at ‘Reconnect’ Heimtextil 2011, Frankfurt. Laura Pollard.

Product: ‘Plumen’ by Hulger, Photo: Tom Mannion

Product: ‘Vaeterverk’ Teapot by Maaike Roozenburg for Moooi. Contact:

Product: ‘Stump’ Stool by Ubiquo Studio, Photo: Sahar Tamir

Product: MT masking tape, Kamoi Kakoshi Co Ltd, Photo: Laura Pollard

Report for Luxury Interiors: trends, themes and design.

March 4, 2011

Trends for Luxury Interiors: Presenting a view of European market luxury trends, in interiors, homewares, furnishings and accessories.

Based on analysis of economics, social change, design consumption and human behaviour a Consumer Report for designers, manufacturers and retailers identifies how the creative industries are tackling the developments in a global consumer society, the talented individuals creating products, providing solutions to an educated luxury market consumer.

The Shows: read about what trend forecasters are saying at International Trade fairs, what’s the basis of their predictions.

The Themes: reflect on 4 themes – Sober Luxury, Mixed Up, Homelife and Utility Revival.  See colour predictions for the coming 2 years; based on 4 identified themes based on analysis of consumer behaviours, and trend forecaster’s predictions.

The Talent: the emerging designers and artists influencing the creative business industries.

Excerpts from the report can be seen on my portfolio pages.

Please get in touch if you’d like to see the whole report.

Trend Theme: 'Sober Luxury' for Design

Branding for Creative Businesses: a case study of John Evans Interiors

March 2, 2011

Branding, Marketing, Copywriting for Creative Businesses is about tailoring your content to the target market.

Be it a creative business that supplies to consumer or business, it’s a question of using the right language, tone and mix of visual and written content.

In a project I completed for John Evans Interiors, I was asked to create, research, design and write new materials to publicise the practice’s strong style, 30 years of experience and knowledge, to it’s existing clients and new markets.

Marketing Materials for Interior Design

Producing renewed marketing materials was the first task:  identifying the target markets, and subsequently deciding which kind of materials to develop to reach those markets, without spending excessive money on too many different items.

2 printed items were developed: A brochure for prospective clients and interested organisations, and a folded card Leaflet, easy to push into envelopes to send to press, clients, suppliers.

A brochure was developed, to act as a professional profile.  What resulted was a 35 page A4 Spirobound brochure; which pulled together the vast folio of work amassed over the practice’s history.  This is a very professional, heafty document for an Interior Design practice, focused on not just visuals of work but the information to back up the practice’s claims of professional practice.

Resources, services and a large section dealing solely with Working Practices were added; the stages of work a client could expect to go through with their project.  While it can seem a little dry or uninteresting, showing that as a designer or craftsperson, you follow guidelines, codes of conduct and a strategy, really does reinforce a reputation!

Additionally, a smaller A5 trifold leaflet was produced to insert into letters and to be sent out with press releases, christmas cards, project updates and correspondence.

This project is featured on my portfolio page on Behance – click to see more Branding work.

Brochure and Leaflet for John Evans Interiors

Brochure and Leaflet design and copywriting for John Evans Interiors

Digital Content for Design Companies

I have written about this website before and the services I provided, but wanted to share more about the project in the context of copywriting.

For John Evans Interiors, the brief asked for a content managed website, which held a large portfolio of photographs, visualisations and sketches associated with sectors of work, and inidividual projects completed for clients.

The Home Page from changes every few seconds to another background image

Copywriting for Interior Design

Copywriting was integral and important to the website; not only to describe the visual content to viewers; but to add value to the website’s content, it’s optimisation and attractiveness to search engines.  It was essential the site was designed to be future-proof, with blog RSS feeds, and any social media activities undertaken by the business.

Tailoring the content to the businesses brand meant learning to talk and write like the principle designer, in this case John Evans, I quickly realised that as the design practice was his enterprise, it would be important to use language that he would in normal business life, (a combination of technical, architectural references and direct description).  Injecting creative writing into the mix, gives the website and brand a professional vigour; softening the technical aspects of design to make written content understandable and enjoyable to read.

See more of the website project on my Behance portfolio

A project portfolio page from

Onset Art and Props styling for TV advertising

January 5, 2011

I have been Styling for Props for over 6 years, working with a Advertising agencies, Production companies, on national and regional campaigns for TV and Print Media.

Services have included providing and sourcing props, providing on set assistance, styling and constructing room sets, buying and hiring props.

New work for TV

I recently provided on set art styling for Adopted Films for a series of commercials for Fashion Outlet villages across the UK

Clarks Village

Freeport Braintree

Credits:  Production by Adopted Films, Directed by Mark Sheldon, Produced by Nick Hancock, DOP John Slane, Wardrobe by Kate Whitworth, Hair and Makeup by Sara Lee (apply to both)

Other work

You can see my work for another job for a consumer goods company Toolstation with Adopted Films posted here

Survey Questions for Trend Report 2011: Interiors

December 29, 2010

As part of an upcoming Trend Report into Interiors for 2011, I am canvassing opinion on Trends, primarily within the subsector of Interiors and Interior Products for Design.

Having blogged recently about the trend for austerity within interiors, I’m keen to here from people who use or take note of trends in their work within the creative sectors.

How important is it to know what’s ‘on trend’? Do you find the whole concept a little flighty and lacking in substance?

If you’d like to voice your opinion and answer a short survey on Trends in Design, please click here to join the debate

Trends and analysis

December 15, 2010

Over the next few months I will be working on trend research; investigating and analysing trends in relation to the Design industry.

Formally, this work will be collated into exclusive Trend Reports, offering critical analysis of emerging markets and business in the creative industries that impact on Interiors, Homewares, Retail and Consumer Goods, available to buy.

Informally, I am collating free tidbits of information to share with readers and interested parties, which I will be showcasing on my Blog

To keep up-to-date with information I suggest subscribing to my site (click the button at top righthand sidebar).

Please contact with any questions.


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